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The Blood of Legends Series

The Huntress - Book 1 of The Blood of Legends

A sassy detective struggles to maintain her integrity in a multi-species world but finds herself choosing sides in a vampire-shifter war instigated by a human politician. 

The Healer - Book 2 of The Blood of Legends.jpg
The Healer

The Blood of Legends #2

Scarred and alone, Ilona wants nothing to do with her medical field. And that includes doctoring shifters.

Rhys wants a mate not already stolen by a vampire, and if she's strong, feisty, then all the better.


But she won’t believe his interest is sincere. Now he needs to hunt her down and prove he loves her, and only her.

The Seeress - Book 3 of The Blood of Legends.jpg
The Seeress

The Blood of Legends #3

Val has come close to dying, so choosing to take a chance on a suckblood festival and possible eternal life is a no-brainer. Except it's her mentor she's worried about. Despite Leo's mindreading ability and his Viking looks, he's not what she expected. But when results vary on the fertility formula and nightmarish visions haunt her, together they must seek guidance from the all-knowing Drimari.

The Shifter - Book 4 of The Blood of Legends.jpg
The Shifter

The Blood of Legends #4

George is done being the darling. Hell, she can't even enjoy the lunar festivals without Dimi "guarding" her. Perhaps if he found someone to "entertain" him? She sets out on a quest, creates dating profiles for him, and stalks his dates, until one night forces her to realize, it's her he should be kissing.

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