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Sci-Fi Romance

Decorated detective Gibson Shaw must work an A.I. mutilation case that’s beneath him. The claw-like wounds of the A.I. resemble its encoded ownership tattoo of a cat, but he dismisses that as coincidence. When more A.I. bodies litter Nova City with the same modus operandi, Shaw must bring the world’s first serial killer of A.I. to justice before the killer targets humans, all without falling for his rookie partner, Huxley.

Sol Survivor2.png

Sci-Fi Romance

Vic’s dream was to expand the solar farm her mother left her. Instead, she must survive as an arena gladiator for Carne Corp. to pay off her father’s gambling debts. Now her dream is ultimate freedom which is granted to the arena champion. At last, the future she planned for is within her grasp, but when Carne conspires against her and augments her against her will, she flees into outer space, hoping to disappear. A chance encounter with an unknown alien species awakens her sexuality. Plans go awry, and there is much she must defeat before she can truly be free. 

The Shikari.png

Sci-Fi Romance

Unlike her brilliant xenologist father, Mikaela can’t keep an alien creature alive. During her futile attempts, an alien rat bite triggers superhuman mutations, changing her into who knows what, and it might be killing her. Desperate to keep her late father’s ship running, she accepts a lucrative contract to tag and bag a dragon-like creature. She teams up with her childhood crush, Kiros, and his merry band of mercenaries. En route to the faraway Cetus galaxy, while fending off attractive Kiros, downright erotic dreams of a yellow-eyed man named Tieren torment her.

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