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The Crucible of the Eternal.png

Epic Fantasy

Immortal Zemin longs to die. For centuries, she dodged her ex-crush and killed sorcerers intent on seizing her, the atrocity they created. Finding love again changes her perspective. It’s her turn to hunt, even if it kills her for the last time.

Coming Soon
Ire of Silver.png
Ire of Silver

Fantasy Romance

A siren half-orc, a healer mage, & a demolition dwarf, all-female, set out on a doomed war mission. Not what the half-orc planned when she escaped her abusive father. Or that she would fall for the male who sent her on the cursed mission to die.

Sacha Sorrow.png
Sacha's Sorrow

Fantasy Romance

Sacha has her heart set on Bjorn, the strongest warrior in their village. But when whispers of witchcraft solidify into accusations, no amount of denial will save her from the stake. From hut to village to town, she finds refuge or wreaks havoc in search of the meaning behind serving the stake. Until she encounters kindness in the form of Reinn, a blacksmith with muscles of iron and a heart of gold.

Coming Soon
The Lady and the Assassin.png
The Lady & the Assassin

Fantasy Romance

Vona disguises herself as a lad to save her beloved town. What she didn't count on was the handsome sheriff and his willingness to help her and the lad she's pretending to be.
But she's bitten off more than she can chew, her magic's tested, and the biggest secret reveals she's not what she thought either. 

Xiaxan Fox.png

Fantasy Romance

Joi’s hunted by suitors and zealot assassins. To survive both means battling magic and swords across five realms with her crush, General Sohar. On the journey, she loses her heart. Now she must choose, her people or her general.

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