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Soul Forged BG.jpg
Soul Forged.png

Know-it-all Oriana agreed to travel with aliens who need women. But she didn’t agree to abduction, life/death battles and escaping with a bossy, arrogant man. With a bounty on her head, happily-ever-after isn’t all flowers and pink sunshine.

Soul Forged
Fate Forged BG.jpg
Fate Forged

Lonely and doomed to spinsterhood, Jacqueline’s unequipped to handle an alien man’s potent attraction. But everything isn’t all roses. There’s betrayal, battles, escapes, and his stubbornness to get through before she can finally claim her man.

Fate Forged Cover.png
Sun Forged BG.jpg
Sun Forged.png

Meeting a drop-dead gorgeous man who literally falls onto a knee the first time they meet, sounded too good to be true for Ava. Of course, with her luck, he had to be an alien. Thrust into an unknown alien world, meeting weird and scary creatures, fearing for her life, Ava tries to survive as best as a hairstylist can.

Sun Forged
War Forged BG.jpg
War Forged

Quin's 7 military guardians trained her to survive. All she wants is romance. Now she has to free herself, a lounge singer, & a PA from an alien slave ship. When bronze aliens answer her mayday, she can’t help but crush on the commander.

War Forged.png
Star Forged BG.jpg
Star Forged.png

After losing her gran and job, Macy finds herself traveling the galaxy in a nightgown. She’s just a lounge singer with no way to escape. From Earth to planets, love eludes her and loneliness prevails. Until she meets a man she doesn't know is a king.

Star Forged
Shadow Forged BG.jpg
Shadow Forged

Spinster Caroline is an astrophysicist with a love for ice cream, and it shows, on her backside. Clumsy and timid, she’s bowled over by the alien ambassador who’s shadowed and lethal. A glorious romance is on the horizon, except his jilted lover has other plans.

Shadow Forged.png
Earth Forged BG.jpg
Earth Forged.png

Quirky Izzy just wants to be loved, y'know. She's done being the protector and wants a turn as a damsel-in-distress, well, without the distress, thank you very much.

Oyaz just wants a human female to call his own. But finding one was easy, keeping her was another matter entirely.

Earth Forged
Lust Forged BG.jpg
Lust Forged

Leona is a sex-cyb mechanic, and is required to escort, her term would be pimp, a dozen sex cyborgs to a client. On an Etterian battleship, surrounding by gorgeous males, she tries not to think of sex when it’s her work, especially with the Sub-Commander Aaro.

Lust Forged.png
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