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The Plump Playwright Series

The premise is simple. I, a romance author, writes about a plump romance author, who writes about a plump romance author ... etcetera, and so forth.

Name, Title


Plump Playwright #1

Scatter-brained and eccentric, Jane guards her heart by hiding behind her plump ass, until she meets fitness guru, Max. With her book tour looming, he convinces her to embark on a ‘toning’ regime. But Max is unprepared for her chaotic life, that of mugger-tackling and bush-diving, and yet, despite it all, there’s just something lovable about Plump Jane.

Seducing Amelia

Plump Playwright #2

Curvy Amelia is a librarian by day and an erotic writer by night. Lawyer Tom is determined to save his gran from reading smut. Amelia’s sensuality calls to Tom, but when she ends their affair after one night, he realizes no other woman will do.

Loving Finley

Plump Playwright #3

Finley works as a ranger on her family’s mountain. One last trip escorting citified men, then she’s off to a writing retreat. Until a flash flood sweeps her and gorgeous Duke downstream. Now she has to save his sexy ass and not fall for him.

Keeping Tessa

Plump Playwright #4

With her divorce pending, romance author Tess is in London to land a publisher. Involving herself in a brawl draws the sexy club owner’s attention, who sweeps her off her feet. She planned to lose herself in London, not lose her heart.

Kissing Navy

Plump Playwright #5

Alone and lonely, baker and romance author Navy turns to her childhood friend for sexual research, not expecting him to crash on her doorstep, help her woo a local fireman, purchase a hunting lodge, and steal her heart from under her.

Hounding Hannah

Plump Playwright #6

Hannah spies on Mr. Stud-Muffin in the apartment building across from her. Little does she know, he's returning the favor. When their paths collide amid leashes and poodles, Roman seizes the opportunity to make Hannah his own.

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