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Seven Cursed Sisters Series

Seven curses, seven sisters, and seven men to save them.


Clumsy Ana loses funded expeditions to her rival, Ryker. Until he insists she joins him two weeks before Christmas.
Ryker didn't expect to be stranded in the jungle with Dr. Silk Blouse, to escape gun-wielding madmen or her incredible kisses.

Name, Title


Seven Cursed Sisters #2

Dyanna lives life one sneeze at a time. Allergic to everything, she's miserable, and being a florist at The Little Cottage isn't helping.
Kingston has invested a small fortune in developing the eco-building for the university. The project is on the cusp of happening, except for one shop owner. His plan is to sweet talk her into selling, but Dyanna is more than he bargained on.
She's lonelier than ever, highlighted by her older sister's upcoming wedding. What Dyanna wants is her own happily-ever-after. Could Kingston have the makings of a Prince Charming?

Dazed & Unamused

Seven Cursed Sisters #3

Eva has had it. The next man who kisses her while she's asleep is going to lose an eye, or a nut, something! Suffering from narcolepsy is bad enough without finding herself arrested for assault.
Theo, covering for his uncle's plumbing business, can't believe how loose women are in Brawley. Five times he has stumbled on five different men kissing the same woman, Eva, the gorgeous owner of the coffee shop, Wake the Dead.
But when he's called in to help with a leak, Theo learns why Eva, why the kisses, why the jailtime when she falls into his arms.
And this irresistible urge to kiss her assails him.

Glaringly Obvious

Seven Cursed Sisters #4

Grumpy Bria's heart melts when she's with her kids, in class, and away from adults. Tolerance? Gone. Patience? Non-existent. And it's to be expected if she can survive hours with 20 kids.

But now little Joel's father strolls into her life, and no matter how much she wants to charm him, the words and tone tumbling from her mouth will. undoubtedly, keep him at bay.

Then again, he'll just break her heart anyway, won't he?

Happy Coincidence

Seven Cursed Sisters #5

Gemma is happy all the time. What's bad about that? Who doesn't want to be giddy, excited, overwhelmingly cheerful 24/7? Well, not folks at a funeral, or in Emergency with something stuck to a certain appendage. And laughing at big cry baby men will definitely get her into trouble. So, why doesn't she mind when Sherriff Duncan Powell strolls into her life? Perhaps she likes the challenge, of getting the dour man to smile?
Duncan has been in love with Gem for ages. But asking her out when he knows she’ll say yes is taking advantage, and he’s not that kind of man. He wants her, lies awake dreaming of kissing her lush mouth, but how to woo her is another story. And worse, when he’s around her, he turns into a gruff old man, unable to summon a smile. Lord help him, he needed a plan or a miracle.

Shy Away

Seven Cursed Sisters #6

Cara is famous, wealthy, has class, but what most people don't realize is that she's an extreme introvert. Stepping on stage to sing takes all her courage, every time. So when her oldest sister wants her to sing a lullaby at her wedding, Cara refuses. This leads to stalking, hiding, and tackling a stranger to get into his room.

Karter's in hiding, having pissed off someone, not hard as a war correspondent. But staying in his room doesn't keep him out of trouble. Sweet, shy, and sensual Cara with her six sisters is entertaining. Until a tumble starts a ruse, as her high school sweetheart and now date to a sister's wedding. What could go wrong?

Coming Soon
Blonde Paradox

Seven Cursed Sisters #7

Despite her blonde hair and petite figure, Fiona's a damn good lawyer. Not a ditz, like all men presume. Sure, she does sometimes make dopey remarks. She just has too much on her plate. So when her friend Detective Silas Coleman devises a plan to protect her from a stalker, she must comply.

Demanding gorgeous Fiona leave the city should have protected her. But when Silas gets wind of her stalker following her, he's hot on her tail. Gate crashing a wedding, lying that he's her on-off boyfriend, and ending up sharing a bed wasn't part of his plan. But damn, he wished he'd thought of it.

Coming Soon
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