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Cursed Guardian #1

Immortal Zemin longs to die. For centuries, she dodged her ex-crush and killed sorcerers intent on seizing her, the atrocity they created. Finding love again changes her perspective. It’s her turn to hunt, even if it kills her for the last time.

Coming Soon

Cursed Guardian #2

The time has come to face her pursuer and the reasons behind her 800 years of suffering, all because of one man and his son. Neither will die if she has something to say about it.

Ire of Silver

Fantasy Romance

A siren half-orc, a healer mage, & a demolition dwarf, all-female, set out on a doomed war mission. Not what the half-orc planned when she escaped her abusive father. Or that she would fall for the male who sent her on the cursed mission to die.

Sacha's Sorrow

Fantasy Romance

Sacha has her heart set on Bjorn, the strongest warrior in their village. But when whispers of witchcraft solidify into accusations, no amount of denial will save her from the stake. From hut to village to town, she finds refuge or wreaks havoc in search of the meaning behind serving the stake. Until she encounters kindness in the form of Reinn, a blacksmith with muscles of iron and a heart of gold.


Sci-Fi Mystery

When A.I. corpses are dressed like the tattoos they sport, Gibs has a vandal to catch. But with his partner’s life in danger, the mafia’s involvement & his case files leaked, he must save his father’s legacy & stop the vandal from killing humans.

Coming Soon

Sci-Fi Mystery

Assigned the case that drove his father to suicide, Gibs must follow the trail, wherever it leads, even if it's into the bowels of another planet, with the fires of hell breathing down his neck.

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